Our New (Sorta Different) Blog

So, why are we here?

Metaphysical questions aside, this query is directed at you, the higher ed pro who is reading this post, and the answer isn’t too complicated.

The reason we’re here is…to share, learn, and, hopefully, become more fluent in the digital space we all inhabit.

How will we accomplish this objective?

Like our first question, this is a fairly easy one to answer.

We’ll plan to meet the goals of this blog by providing readers with content–in the form of blog posts, interviews, and other posts–meant to increase your knowledge and help you do your job better.

But that’s not all.

This blog will also serve as a means to build community–especially among those attending the upcoming eduWeb Digital Summit–and we hope you play an active role in making this blog the best it can be.

With this in mind, we invite you to contribute a post, pose a question you would like answered, or comment on one of our posts.

If you would like to write a post to the eduWeb Digital Summit blog, please email rbochnak@gmail.com.