Two Questions with Chris Barrows

What are higher ed institutions doing right when it comes to digital engagement?

“Higher ed institutions have realized that they can’t ignore the digital engagement opportunities that exist. They’re engaging at a much greater level than they’ve done in the past. It’s not just major events like Welcome Week or Commencement–but day-in and day-out–that schools are taking the time to talk to their students.

“The focus on building a true community regardless of the size or shape of one’s campus is finally being realized.

ChrisBarrows1-e1451361340212“This isn’t to say that every institution is doing this well–but they’re certainly trying.”

What are higher ed institutions doing wrong when it comes to digital engagement?

“While institutions are putting more attention to engaging–they aren’t setting themselves up for long-term success and aligning with truly measurable goals.

“As institutions, we must think beyond just “how” but really make sure the “how” aligns with the “why.” Do these engagements have an impact? What is that impact? By aligning our actions with university or organizational goals there is a chance to prove the worth of our digital actions.

“Forget the fluff and break down the hard numbers. Determine what makes you successful before launching a campaign and don’t be afraid to fail.”

Christopher Barrows is the Social Media and Mobile Products Coordinator at New York University and Chairperson of the Edu Web Digital Summit 2016. Follow him on Twitter at