Our workshops will cover a variety of subjects in-depth to help you and your institution reach its goals.

We will see content strategies truly crossing the boundaries of media and storytelling becoming essential in all areas of audience engagement. This year’s presenters will showcase new ideas from captivating podcast production to comprehensive email marketing in cross-departmental collaborations. You can experience best practices from institutions across the country, and learn hands-on methods that will make your campus stories stand out from the crowd. ~ Conny Leigl, Track Chair

There will always be other duties as assigned. Some of those duties are pet projects that we want to take on and others we are volunteered for.  No matter what we try to make them a succcess. Come and see what others have done when they have been given these interesting and sometimes fun projects. ~ Joel Renner Co-Chair eduWeb Digital Summit

We’ve got a variety of valuable themes this year. From improving student digital literacy, to how to tap into the possible influencers on your campus, the benefits and challenges of centralizing your campus social, unleashing the power of Instagram Story, managing tough topics, and strategies and tips on how to further your institutions’ mission, brand, and goals. Get ready for some awesome takeaways and lessons learned! ~ Alexandra Simone, Track Chair

We’re going all in on data this year! If you’re making data-driven decisions, awesome, come on over and learn some new tricks. If you’re just getting into the Google Analytics game, we’ve got something for you too. If you’re afraid of charts, graphs, numbers, and all things math…you’re in luck because we’ve got things to make it less scary! ~Jackie Ventrano, Track Chair

Seems like this is the year where mobile design and UX are top dog. More people experience your websites on mobile devices than ever before and Google just began indexing the mobile web first. This track will have all levels, so don’t be afraid and if you need help updating your institution’s website or app, well, this is the right track to mee the people who can help. ~ Jason Boucher, Track Chair